Join Us On the Beach

Cottage Bridge View
Enjoy getting close to nature? You're in the right place!

A common question about the cottage... "Do you have a sandy beach?" The answer is no, but if you love nature, the cottage "beach" is remarkable. Conditions change constantly. On a sunny day, the light plays upon the beach, bridge, and surronding land to create a photographer's paradise. The ever-changing weather produces wind and wave, fog banks that surround the bridge, and incredible climatological effects.

As lake levels change over time, so does the appearance of our beach. Whether Great Lakes levels are low or high, the natural grasses and reeds in front of the cottage are home to a variety of creatures. Pollywogs, frogs, clams, fireflys and many species of birds inhabit the reeds. The cottage beach remains shallow for a long distance from the shore. It is perfect for swimming if you can tolerate the colder lake temperatures.